The Hick-up in Wine Making

Mama Winemaker is back to share another great story about the process of Making Wine.  It isn’t always easy…but somehow she prevails! 
Making wine in my basement was so much easier during the warmer months, when our
basement was 72 to 75 degrees, which is the perfect temperature for the wine to CLEAR, before bottling. But, now that it is January, I have come upon a “Hick-up” in my wine-making endeavor.
It is ONLY 64 to 65 degrees in our basement, and my new batch of Australian Chardonnay is JUST NOT CLEARING!!!
Step 4 of the wine-making instructions states that “the wine may be bottled, after waiting 14
So, I thought I could make this “Hick-up” go away on my own! I went downstairs and wrapped two beach towels around the carboy (6-gallon glass bottle) and waited and waited. I waited ANOTHER week, going downstairs each day, unwrapping the towels, checking the thermometer strip attached to the carboy, but the thermometer still only indicated 64 degrees, and my Australian Chardonnay is still cloudy!
This frustrated Mama Winemaker did the next best thing: I grabbed my purse and car keys and off to my favorite wine shop I drove, for advice! The owner of the wine shop smiled and was glad to help out, after listening to my story of my wine-dilemma in the cold basement.
Advice Number One: Carry the full 6-gallon carboy upstairs, where it is warmer, and wait for the wine to clear. (Let me just repeat, a full 6-gallon carboy weighs over 80 pounds)!
Advice Number Two: Buy another gadget, an “electrified belt”, which one wraps around the center of the carboy, which will warm the carboy up to 68 to 75 degrees in about 8 days, allowing the wine to clear.
OK! Decisions! Decisions! It really was a no-brainer for me! As my strong grandson is sick with the flu bug, this ??-year-old Mama Winemaker does not carry heavy carboys around, and neither does my ??-year-old hubby, LOL. So, I opted for the new gadget, the electrified belt and, I paid for it with one of my two generous gift cards, which I received for Christmas! I love my family!
wine carboy warming make wine
So, home I drove with my new gadget and followed the instructions of this electrified belt. I cut up an old towel to fit around the carboy in one layer only, and my hubby helped me wrap the belt over the towel around the center of the carboy and plugged in the 6-foot electric cord. What a stylishly-dressed carboy, now wearing a pink towel-wrap with a medium-blue belt! LOL.
Before I came to bed this evening, I checked the temperature strip on the carboy and it is SLOWLY warming up…to 68 degrees now…Hurray!!!! The contents of the carboy should be reaching the 72 to 75 degrees…slowly…within 8 days and then, hopefully, the clouds inside the carboy will disappear and the wine will be CLEAR! I can’t wait for tomorrow morning, to go check the progress!
One week later………..OMG……….the wine still has not cleared! I e-mailed my wine shop owner and asked for ‘HELP’!!!!!!! The reply to my request was to stop by the wine shop, to pick up a packet of “clarifier”, which will clear the wine “for certain”!  I picked up my purse and car keys and off to the wine-shop I drove…again! The owner of the wine shop greeted me, cheerfully, and “gave” me a multi packet of “clarifier” to add to the carboy and that should do the job and produce a lovely clear wine….in about 4-5 days!
Back home I drove, followed the instructions on the packet and added the content to the
carboy, and now….am waiting for this “Hick-up” to stop! Ahhh, the joy of wine-making!
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