The Day my Computer Died

Remember Me? I know it has been weeks since my last post.  If you have been following me for any length of time, you know that isn’t like me. 

So, what gives? Right?

I killed my computer.  Not quite like this…but you get the idea.

I killed my computer
printer beating scene from the Office Space movie

I really don’t know how.  Honestly.  One day it decided it didn’t want to connect to the internet anymore.  Ok, computer-with-an-attitude, I will show you show you who is boss.  I tried resetting my wireless router, I restarted my computer, I checked my security encryption. Nothing.  I called Verizon and spent an hour on the phone with someone reading from a book trying to walk me through everything I had already done. For some reason, me telling the Verizon agent that my computer isn’t reading the DNS servers just wasn’t sinking in with her.  She finally transferred me to ‘another level of service’ (why didn’t you do that an hour ago silly lady) who then proceeded to tell me that ‘for $14.99 / month for a year they can remote access my computer and help me fix it.’  Ok…I will simply say I did not have anything nice to say to the poor man at the moment.  Our call was over.  Seriously.  That was an hour and a half of my life I will never get back. 
Next, I download new wireless drivers.  Still can’t get on.  Finally, even though I am fanatical about keeping my antivirus up to date…I downloaded Malwarebytes and did a system scan.  As suspected…ZERO files came up infected.  Hmmmm.  Well, one more time.  I tried to get online…the whole thing just locked up!  No joke…ctrl+alt+delete would not work.  Not the first time, not the fifth time.  Uh-oh. 
I decided to hard-shut down the computer…and it didn’t restart…ever again. 
{Insert crazed panic attack here}
I was able to start the piece-o-crap computer in safe mode and hopefully salvage my important documents since my last back up.  But, alas, it has been at the computer repair shop for over a week now…no luck.  Their exact words to me were, ‘we are trying to resurrect your hard drive, but it is just scrambled and isn’t looking good.’ 
They actually used the words ‘resurrect’ and ‘scrambled’. 
So there you have it. My story as to why I have been MIA. 
How am I currently blogging you ask?  Well, I was fortunate to have rereceived a Galaxy Tab for Christmas. Yes…I am poking away at the screen. Awesome…right?  I feel like I have been in zombie mode the last couple of weeks.  You know, everything is in a fog because I can’t think straight.  I swear my computer has become an extension of my brain.  Cut me off from it and it is like cutting off my twin that was joined at the head.  Madness, I tell you! I need to get a grip!

So, if I was supposed to get in touch with you, or I missed our lunch date at the winery (well, let me get real here…I would never forget that ) I am truly sorry.  My computer is dead and I can’t function without it. 
So, tell me…have you ever been in my shoes?  How did you survive?  And…if you had to buy a new computer, what would you get and why? I might be shopping soon.  Thank goodness for wine. 


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    Yes, I clicked on a link and got a virus. Those tech support people will frustrate you and I try to be sympathetic because I’ve done that work before. I panicked and had to get a new laptop, but my husband removed the virus. The tablet will work until you replace your computer. Good luck!

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    I was still blogging on my old school dell (purchased in 2007) and lately it has been super glitchy. MY husband has a Macbook and never uses it (he usually uses his work computer or ipad), so I totally hijacked it. Now I don’t want to give it back. Welcome back! I feel like we haven’t talked in MONTHS. I need to e-mail you to say hi!

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    Losing computer access gives me the willies! I’m glad you’ve survived :). PS, I have a 2007 Dell as referenced above… Don’t make me more nervous MrsMonologues :)

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    I have been in your shoes and it’s pretty painful! I currently use a Macbook but if I had to choose a new computer, I’d go for a Chromebook. Cheaper, faster, easier to use. Perfect if all you do is inside of a browser, which is how I work most of the time.

    I’m a new follower, so I hope to see you back soon! :)

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    Oh my. I’ve had computers die, but I’ve always been able to see it coming, and that’s when the frantic back ups begin. I’ve had one computer go through two hard drives I got really good at pulling the hard drive out and putting the new one in. Then I went to Mac and have never had to replace a hard drive since. But the $$ spent on keeping up with the Operating system was killing me so I purchased a Windows HP laptop late last year. I think sometimes it’s a matter of chance on if the Hard drive last long or not.

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