Wine Cork Craft, lazy susan

This project is from Mama Winemaker!  I had so much fun with her every Wednesday for The Wine{a}be Winemaker Series, I asked her to come back with more fun wine related stories.  Here is her Lazy Susan {Not to be confused with a Lazy Suzanne} Wine Cork Craft Project.  You can also look at my wine cork art, a flower pot.  Enjoy!

I want to share with you how I put to use the many wine bottle corks I have been saving over the years. The corks keep accumulating, because we enjoy a glass of wine with dinner.

To our surprise, we received a delivery from our oldest daughter, who lives in Virginia, a beautiful wood “lazy susan” specifically made for a cork project. What a thoughtful gift! She sent us the perfect project to make use of our many corks.


So, when our eleven-year-old twin granddaughters were visiting, they eagerly helped me with this project, by placing the many corks onto the 24” diameter round wood lazy susan. It took us several hours of figuring out just the right cork design. We decided to place some corks horizontally and some corks vertically with the round, red wine-stained-part of the corks visible. In deciding on this pattern choice, I had to trim the vertically placed corks (with a sharp knife on a cutting board) to be the same height as the horizontal corks.


We then decided to make some rows with the red wine-stained side up and some rows with the red wine-stained side down, for contrast. Finally, the three of us finally decided on the perfect design. Done! (As far as the granddaughters’ attention span – they went off to watch TV.)

Then, I tackled the task of picking up each cork, one by one, dabbing some wood glue onto each cork, repositioning that cork into the exact original space, and repeating that process, over and over, until all were glued down. This took some time! My granddaughters and other family members seemed to take turns looking over my shoulder and asking: “Is it done yet?” I just kept on gluing, until it was completed. All done! It ONLY took 338 corks to complete this project! LOL


After the glue dried, we placed the round Plexiglas, which came in the box of the lazy susan, on top of the corks and it fit perfectly, because I trimmed the vertical-standing corks the same height as the horizontal corks, for this reason. The Plexiglas is optional, but it does keep the spills, crumbs, and dust off the beautiful cork design.

To fun family projects, cheers!

Thank you Mama Winemaker!  We look forward to more from you.   If you are interested in purchasing a wine cork lazy susan, click to go to an affiliate link: Wine Cork Lazy Susan Kit




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