Ruffino Lumina Pinot Grigio

I know summer has come to an end for many of people in the US, but honestly, it was about ninety degrees here in Southern California today last week when I wrote this post.  My Mid-Western roots are all out of whack!  My internal clock says it should be about forty degrees and probably raining… or snowing. {gasp!}

So, in honor of the warm, sunny day we had…and for all you down-under that are heading into spring…here is a yummy Pinot Grigio for you…from Tuscany.  {I’m honestly dreaming of traveling to Tuscany at this moment…it is on my Bucket List}

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Ruffino Lumina
Pinot Grigio
Sight:  Clear, light yellow {straw}
Sniff:  Crisp, citrusy, light
Sip:  Smooth, with a tangy citrus finish.  Simply yummy!  It is lovely just to sip…all on its own.  Not too sweet, not too tangy, perfectly balanced perfection in a glass.
This wine would be perfect…chilled…after a long hard day of replacing the dead sod in the yard.  {Right honey?!?!?}  I mean…not that the HOA was sending us nastygrams or anything.  It is ninety degrees!  In November!  Seriously.
If you like Pinot Grigios, check out this one from Entwine and this one from Estancia.
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2011 Ruffino Lumina Pinot Grigio Igt 750ml


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