Wine Paring, Vegas Style

Imagine an evening like no other.  Dressed in your best.  A shiny car driving you to your destination.  An evening filled with delicious wine paired with gourmet cuisine ahead of you.  Connections to be made.  The place to see and be seen on the exotic Las Vegas Strip.  A private hidden gem high atop the fanciful casinos where famous musicians and magicians go to entertain and be entertained.  Nights that dreams are based on.

Are you there?  Are you with me?  Are you dreamin’?

That was my Friday Night last week in Las Vegas when I was there for the Bloggy Boot Camp Conference.  Well, aside from the shiny car.  It was more like a dull kidnapper van with a giant cigarette for a driver.  No. Seriously.  I think we all inhaled a pack of second hand smoke in the short ride from our hotel to the Mandalay Bay.  He wasn’t smoking while driving us, he simply reeked so badly from all his previous smokes.  But I digress…

All the wine we would eventually drink.

Somehow I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a private dinner and wine pairing with David Mirassou of Mirassou Winery.  Yes…the owner of the winery.  I know…right?!?!?  Who gets that lucky?!?!  Well, apparently it was my night.  It was also the night of about ten other lucky bloggers as well.  Eight of us were picked up from our hotel in Las Vegas {a few other bloggers met us there}, whisked away to the Mandalay Bay, where we took the private elevator {yes, this place has it’s own elevator} up to the Foundation Room, high atop the casino.  We were escorted to our private lounge off of the main room where we met David Mirassou and his absolutely lovely PR gal, Liz.

Our evening started with Mirassou’s amazing Moscato paired with h’orderves.  Now, I’m not usually a Moscato gal…too sweet for this pallet…but I can honestly say, I’d buy this Moscato.  It was lovely, light, orangey hint, summery, and delish.  We were outside on the terrace of the foundation room.  The view of Las Vegas all lit up below us was breathtaking.  After snapping a few photos of ourselves, we made our way back to our private room where our feast-fit-for-royalty began.

Gorgeous view…not sure what happened to me though!

Our next course was Mirassou’s Sauvignon Blanc paired with grilled, seasoned asparagus.  Now, anyone that has been reading my blog knows that I recently tried Sauvignon Blanc this summer after spending time with my good friend that came to visit from out of town.  Her favorite wine is a Sauvignon Blanc, and I can totally see why.  It is light and crisp, citrusy, and glorious with the grilled asparagus.  The two complimented each other nicely.

After that we moved on to one of my new favorites, Pinot Grigio.  This was paired with perfect crab cakes.  Umm…I puffy heart crab cakes…and they were paired with one of my favorite wines?  I was in wine-food-paring-heaven for this round.  The Mirassou Pinot Grigio was amazing.    As Mr. Mirassou explained, it is citrusy though not as much as the Sauvignon Blanc.  And, it has a more creamy flavor due to a second, malolactic fermentation, which reduces the acidity in the wine.  Look at that, third course and I’m already learning something.  What a great night!

The amazing crab cakes.

As if the crab cakes and Pinot Grigio weren’t enough, the next course was Chardonnay and lobster tacos.  Seriously, I’m foaming-at-the-mouth just remembering the phenomenal meal!  The Mirassou Chardonnay is a wine I have purchased before, and it is one of my go-to Chardonnays.  It is perfectly crisp, like a juicy green apple, and it is mildly oaky…but not overbearing. Truly, it is a gorgeous Chardonnay.  I love it.

Now we were headed into the red wines.  Yes…there are still more to taste!  And, somewhere around this time is when the most unexpected yet so Las Vegas thing happened.  The most incredible Magician I have ever seen invaded our dinner.  His name was Seth, and apparently he was on America’s Got Talent…and did he ever!  He was amazing, making twenty dollar bills disappear, pulling doves out of his coat tails, limes popping out of cups, rings disappearing and appearing, even wine moving from one hand to another!  Crazy!   It was definitely a fun few moments.  But, back to the wine…

David Mirassou and Me…The Wine{a}be

Pinot Noir paired with angus sliders was next.  Now, I can honestly say, I have not found a Pinot Noir that I really like.  I’m not sure why.  That said, Mirassou has one that I would buy and drink.  I really liked this Pinot Noir.  It was silky, juicy, berry flavored, and was delish with the angus sliders.  What can I say, they had me at Pinot.

Now we were {getting full} and onto the {yes, bacon fans wipe up your drool} braised pork bellies paired with Merlot.  Honestly…what I would pay to have this pairing in front of me at this moment…it was perfection.  I love Merlot.  Love.  And, the Mirassou Merlot did not disappoint.  It was heavenly, velvety, pour me a glass, perfect, merlot.  Yum.

Chocolate Molten Deliciousness.

However, I have to say, the best was most definitely saved for last.  Cabernet Sauvignon paired with chocolate molten cake.  Yes.  Chocolate. Molten. Cake.  Now, back in the day when people actually wrote checks to pay bills, I discovered the best way to tackle that most unfortunate of tasks was to pay bills while eating french silk pie and drinking a glass of merlot.  No joke, that is how I would pay bills.  It made the task so much more bearable!  I can honestly say, after last Friday night, two things have happened.  1) I have realized I need to resume that tradition  2) I am replacing the old dessert and wine with chocolate molten cake and Mirassou’s Cabernet Sauvignon.  This Cabernet is full bodied, yet soft, full of berry flavors and spice…and simply amazing. For me, it is a pop-the-cork-sit-back-and-enjoy-while-curled-up-on-the-sofa-with-a-good-movie-and-my-hubby kind of wine.  Love at first sip.

When our wine paring feast from the Gods was over, Mr. Mirassou graciously gave us all amazing bags of swag, including a signed bottle of wine!  Amazing…right?!?  Then, we headed over to where the music was pumping.  After all, we had a few calories to dance off!

I truly cannot Thank David Mirassou enough for his hospitality.  The evening was something that fairy tales are made of.  It was amazing to learn from him, and amazing to connect with such talented, smart, and fun ladies and bloggers as well!

Our night was lovely, our cab did not get us home before the stroke of midnight, and somewhere in the midst of the wine-fog we were in, Las Vegas kicked in.  What happened next, as they say, Stayed in Vegas.  To fairy tale nights, and Mirassou wine…Cheers.

The lovely Ladies…and David Mirassou

PS. Although Mr. Mirassou graciously wined and dined us in Las Vegas, 100% of this story is entirely of my own opinion.

PPS.  Some of the photos are courtesy of Jamie at Minnesota Girl in LA.  She was the prepared one with her amazing camera.  Check out her blog…she can rock a camera like no other.

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    Ok now i’m kicking myself even more for not going to the BBC last month here in Dallas. My friends had a blast and learned so many great tips. I’ve gotta go next year for sure!
    I love Mirassou wines and i got to go to their wine tasting a year ago when i was working in Cali. Looks like you had a great time.

  2. says

    WOW. I am silly jealous. Chardonnay and lobster tacos?? You know I’m going to have to recreate that – I can taste the butteriness from here! Don’t you think we should all do wine pairing dinners like once a month? I do.

  3. says

    Awesome recap! As you know I was one of those other bloggers who were already there. Yay for Vegas bloggers! LOL. That was an amazing dinner with fantastic wine. David was great to talk to and get to know. And all you lovely ladies were the icing on that drool worthy chocolate cake. Thanks for being there to share a great night!


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