Runaway Dog

Mason is our furry baby…

And furry he is!  He is our mutt…1/2 German Shepard {we know for sure because his mamma was a German Shepard} and 1/2 ???  {we are guessing red Chow…}

Hubby and I rescued him from a shelter when he was 10 weeks old.  They had picked up mamma and 7 puppies roaming the streets.  {so sad!} 

That was 10 years ago.  

Our furry Mason is beautiful…his thick fur keeps him very warm.  Which, is great for weather like this…

But here in Southern California, the lovely sunny weather day after day, can really put a damper on having all that beautiful fur.  Mason starts to get really hot…so hot that he {literally} pulls his hair out.  We have to shave him.  It is the only way. 

Usually, we give him a {nice} short cut on his body and leave his tail {nice} an fluffy.  The groomer does a great job on tapering his fluffy face to mix {nicely} with his short ‘do.  However…apparently I wasn’t specific enough this last time I dropped him off.  I’ll admit…I was a bit distracted.  I had a lot on my mind and was in a hurry to go pick up my kids from school.   Big mistake…Huge.

We picked up our furry {no longer} baby a few hours later.  OMG.  What did they do?!?!?!  They shaved him COMPLETELY!  No more fluffy tail, no hair on his face, no hair in-between his toes!


He looked like a giant 65 pound, overgrown Chihuahua!  NO JOKE!  The worst part?!?!?!  HE KNEW IT!  I’ve never seen a dog so embarrassed in all my life.

As we are standing in line at the check out…a giant St. Bernard comes around the corner…in all its beautiful {furry} glory.  He lets out a loud Ruff, Ruff, Ruff, Ruff.  I’m quite sure he was telling our dog he looks absolutely ridiculous…and that he was naked.  Our dog, now terrified and shaking from head to toe and looking for a place to hide, starts squirming and manages to back out of his collar.  Lesson learned everyone…make sure to tighten up the collar {before} leaving the grooming salon!!

Looking, and acting, like a petrified Chihuahua…Mason BOLTS for the doors of the store. He knows the way out…and out is what he wants!  Out of the groomers, away from that mean St. Bernard, and out of staring eyes that might be laughing at his nakedness!  And, Yes…of course the doors at the groomers are automatic.  Why would they be anything else?!?!?! 

My hubby takes off, like a crazed mad-man, running after the dog.  He is yelling {frantically} after him through the parking lot, trying desperately to catch him before he gets hit by a car.  A little cute elderly couple is standing on the sidewalk, mouths gaping wide open, watching the entire scene unfold before their eyes. The St. Bernard, inside the store, is still barking as loud as can be.  My daughter is standing at the front of the store…now stranded by her parents that are chasing her dog…wondering what in the heck she was supposed to do.  And, our dog is running in and out of the parked cars, full speed ahead in a frenzy, searching and smelling for our car!  I managed to get the car door open and Mason bolted into the car as fast as lightning.  He curled up on the floor of the car and buried his head under his paws!   True story.

Seriously.  The poor dog is scarred for life.   

I’m sorry Mason.  It is only fur.  It will grow back…right!?!?!?  I promise to be a better, less distracted, mama when I take you to the groomer {next} time.  I owe you some home-made treats.

To the furry babies in our lives that love us {even though} we make mistakes…Cheers!



  1. says

    Aw, he’ll get used to it. Poor guy. But I bet he will be grateful for the buzz cut when it heats up. He’s super cute either way. Cheers!

    p.s. maybe put a little vino in his water dish to take the edge off.

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