Master bedroom Re-do

Alright…I know…it has been a loooong time since I have done a DIY post.  What can I say…I had to find the motivation to paint.  I had it one day {the motivation that is}…went out and bought the paint, brushes, tape, and rollers.  Came home and looked at my room…all the furniture I’d have to move…ugg.  There went my motivation.

So, a month {maybe} later…I made myself do it…made myself find the motivation to paint.
The room started off looking like this…

Yes, my friends, those are the original white walls that were in the house when we moved in {one} year ago.  The blue draperies are from our old house.  The ceiling fan, however, is new…and is staying.  As much as I’d love to have a beautiful chandy hanging…my hubby cannot sleep without a fan…which means I’m usually covered with a {million} blankets at night.   It’s our crazy system…but it works.

We decided to go with a soft grey for the walls in our room.  And, you know me, I cannot simply paint and run.  I have to go all crazy and stencil something….like I did in my dining room turned office.  I found this beautiful stencil on pinterest one day and decided to order it from here.  I was so excited when it came!  My plan was to paint the soft grey walls all over, then stencil this pattern on top {in white} on the wall behind our bed.  A lovely focal wall.

After moving the furniture to the center of the room with help from my hubs, I began the long process.  I usually paint solo {at the beginning} because I choose to not tape off the ceilings, doors, or windows…only the base trim.  I just take my handy angled brush and cut in.  This makes my hubs very nervous…so he helps out with the rolling part…which I am very grateful for!

Finally it was time to bust out the stencil.  All my gear looked something like this…

And the stenciling began.  I started with finding the center of the wall, then working my way from top to bottom, and then right to left.  I won’t lie…this stencil pattern threw me for a loop.  I have never purchased an all-over-wall stencil before…and I misplaced instructions that came with it.  Yes, I know that those little cut-outs on the stencil towards the edges are the “markers” and if you mark those on the walls, you should be able to simply realign the stencil and the pattern will match up.  However, I made the {silly} mistake of flipping the stencil…and the pattern got all off.  Aarrggg.  Dislike silly mistakes!  Oh well, lesson learned.  I managed to work it out.

Technique Tip: when I apply paint to my stencils, I use a stipple brush {see pic above} that is round and has compact bristles with a flat bottom.  Then, I dab, dab, dab the paint on.  By using this method, I can control the amount of paint I put on the wall, and it keeps the paint from seeping under the edges of the stencil.

Here is the wall after the stencil…

And here is our room all put back together again…

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!  {Insert Angels Singing!}

I have to say…I love how it came out.  It is so soft and relaxing.  Also, the pattern I chose for the wall is similar to the grey embroidery edging on our white bedding…it helps pull everything together nicely!  {The bedding came from Target, fall of 2010}

Here is another view…

master_bedroom_after_2 (400x300)
As you can see…we also changed the window treatments.  We took down the old blue draperies and installed the same white 2” wood blinds that we have in the rest of the house.  Also, I {made} white draperies to help soften the window, which we hung up towards the ceiling to help the room look taller.   I’ll fill you all in on how I made the draperies soon.

As for our furniture…our bed frame we bought after we got married {ten years ago}. It was our first piece of “real” furniture we purchased together.  It came from the Z Gallerie, and we love it.  However…we are thinking of replacing it and moving it to the guest bedroom.  We’ll see.  Our nightstands are actually end tables from the Bombay Company…remember that place?!?!  Those are also relics…and they are in desperate need of replacing.  I haven’t been able to find the perfect pieces yet, so for now, they stay.  Our floor mirror is from Ikea…I {LOVE} that mirror.  And, finally, the brown beast…yes…that ugly brown recliner. Well, let’s just say that is what happens when you buy furniture when you are pregnant and just need something comfortable.  Ya…I don’t recommend buying furniture when pregnant.  Ever.

So, that is my little master bedroom re-do!  We also continued the grey paint into the bathroom as well.  It looks so much better too! All of the white fixtures really {pop} off of the grey.  The colors are as follows: Behr French Silver in satin finish; Behr Painter’s White in semi-gloss.  If you do the stencil in a glossier finish than the wall color, it helps give the wall more depth and interest.

I’ll continue updating you all as I add accessories or new furniture to our little boudoir.  Until then, Happy Painting.  May you find your inner motivation.  Cheers!

PS…I did totally bust out this wine while doing the stencil…and some chocolate covered macadamias.  It was the only way to get through it!

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    I LOVE this! The stencil is beautiful! We recently painted our bedroom a dark grey. I just love grey. We’ve been looking for art work to go above our bed. You may have just inspired me to try a stencil instead!

  2. says

    Beautiful! I am just starting to think about my bedroom….rest of the house is juuuussst about completed. I love how soft and cozy your room looks…grey is my neutral of choice throighout tje house amd after seeing your handiwork it maybe become the jumping off point for my room! Well done!!!

  3. says

    In the end I bet you were grateful you finally forced yourself to do it. The wall turned out great, and adds a lot to your bedroom! ENJOY it.

  4. says

    Hi! Stumbled upon your blog today. Love your bedroom redo, it looks gorgeous. I’m also tempted to try the stenciling, but unfortunately, my husband would think it’s too feminine. :( Also, how crazy is it that we also have the same bed as you (Yea Z Gallerie!) and I’m in the process of refinishing an old Goodwill nightstand I scored for $10 to match it. We originally only bought one matching nightstand so we’ve had some majorly mismatched items in our room…but not for long! Thanks for posting!

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