Hello Sponsors!

I’m sure you have noticed the extra buttons on my right sidebar.  Well, I’m thrilled to announce I have gained some lovely sponsors!  I’m {excited}, {elated}, and just plain {giddy} that my blog is attracting advertising and sponsorship! WooHoo!  I’ll pop the cork to that! 

If you are interested in sponsoring The Wine{a}be, button spots for June are now available!  {Yay!}

Without delay, and from their own words, here are my Sponsors:

Goings on in Texas

“I am a Petroleum Landman, Certified Personal Trainer, Used Car Lot Owner, Landlord, Christ follower, Entrepreneur, Crafter, DIYer, Cook, Organizer, Gardener, Traveler, Singer, Book-a-holic, Shoe Lover, Talker, Wife and probably a whole lot more, but that paints you a picture, I’m sure. 😉 I blog about my life and everything in between. I hope you’ll follow me on my blogging journey! :)” 

“The Pink Growl explores life’s everyday adventures through the eyes of a Southern girly girl. I blog openly about being a 20-something doggy parent, weight struggles, the urge to get married and reproduce and everything in between. If it glitters, is gold or it growls then I probably love it. Y’all come on over and help me figure things out – one normal girl struggle at a time.”

From Our Hiding Place

“…We moved to a town on the shoreline of Connecticut in 2009 into a two bedroom, one and a half bath condo 5 minutes from the beach. While we don’t plan on staying here for more than a few years, we are enjoying calling it our home and fixin’ it up to our liking (all while thinking of resale). …We often spend our weekends scouring estate sales and antique shops, and enjoy the thrill of the “hunt.” We are also country music fanatics, love Jesus, dancin’ fools, and are avid DIYers.”

Notice the Dirt

“  “It is when we notice the dirt that God is most present in us; it is the very sign of His presence.” – C.S. Lewis    I am a board-certified foodie, stress-fueled runner, enthusiastically mediocre gardener, born and bred Southerner, 30-something, self-employed, etiquette-aholic, Army officer’s don’t-call-me-Army-Wife.  Here I share my recipes even when they fail, chronicle my garden even when it’s dead, share my brilliant thoughts even when they’re dumb and seek all things classy even when I’m feeling rude.  I hope you’ll Notice the Dirt, because only God is perfect… to Him the glory!”

“Hello! I’m a Brie, a normal career-minded, 20-something, military (Navy) wife trying to juggle everything life throws my way.  I’m a total gym rat, wannabe fashionista, wino and food lover. I’m on a quest, not to be obsessive, but to be healthy and happy. This is my story of 365 days of food, fitness and the attempt for fabulousness. Join me on this journey to find the recipe for a beautiful life!”

There you have it!  My lovely Sponsors.  They will probably be hangin’ around until the end of May.  So…get to know them!  Pour yourself a beverage, grab some chocolate and check out their blogs.  Let them know I sent you…they will appreciate the love. 

Don’t forget to contact me {suzanne@sprinklednest.com} if you are interested in taking over one of their sponsor spots for June! 

To amazing sponsors…THANK YOU!!  and Cheers!!



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