California bucket list…an update

Remember this post?

My hubby and I made {giant} chalkboard for our entry.  We did that specifically so we could keep track of our family’s Bucket List.  We moved to California {last year}… there is simply {way} too many things we all want to go see and do.  We needed a system to keep track of it all…and to make sure we were doing it all.  Living life to its fullest!


As you can see {from all the chalk dust}…our chalkboard bucket list gets a lot of attention.  My kids love drawing pictures on it…see the basket of flowers and eggs for Easter.  We also write notes to each other…like when  my daughter was trying out for club soccer…I wrote motivational phrases to cheer her on.  It must have worked…she made the team.  Here is a list of items on our bucket list…and what we have already accomplished!

Things we want to do in California:

  • Whale Watching {totally awesome…saw a huge school of about 50 dolphins but no huge whales…will have to try again}
  • Camping {on the beach}
  • Drive up the PCH {so amazingly beautiful!!}
  • San Francisco  {love}
  • Beverly Hills  {read about this one and Hollywood Here}
  • Hollywood
  • Ski Big Bear {we all had a blast}
  • Ski Mammoth
  • Sequoia National Park
  • Yosemite
  • Grand Canyon {yes, not in California…but not too far}
  • Go Cart Racing
  • Hawaii {again…I know not in California…but my kids really want to go}
  • Kayak at La Jolla
  • Catalina Island
  • Caribbean Island {LOL…so not anywhere near us…but my kids like to dream}
  • Lego Land
  • Hearst Castle {we were about 30 miles away…there was a rock slide on the PCH…we had to turn around…2 hours back tracking!  UGG!}
  • LA Galaxy Game
  • Rose Bowl Parade
  • Monterrey and Carmel   {we did Pebble Beach too…ah-mazing}

As you can see…we have been slowly chipping away at our list.  Not too shabby…still more to go though!  I have to say, it is really great having our California bucket list where we can view it every day, and have a reminder of how much we have already done, and how much more there is to go.  I love having something to dream about, something to plan for, and something ready and waiting for those few {rare} days that we stare at each other and say “What should we do today?”

How’s your bucket list coming along? How do you keep track of it all?

Cheers to exploring new things and living life!

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    Have you had a chance to go see the Hotel del Coronado over on Coronado Island? Such a beautiful, old hotel and beautiful island!! (San Diego) The bridge getting there is a little terrifying, but you can ride a boat/ship to get over there too.
    Also, have you been to Old Town? It’s close to downtown San Diego.

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      Yes and Yes Taylor! I LOVE Coronado…it is one of my favorite places. We go out there often. {and yes, it freaks me out driving over the bridge} I love parking near the Del, walking in and getting Starbucks, then heading out to the beach to hang. Sometimes the pilots at the base are practicing take offs and landings…that is really cool because the planes and fighter jets fly over head.
      Old Town is awesome too…we were there last year for Cinco de Mayo…awesome! Basically, I love everything about San Diego!

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    Suzanne–LOVE this idea, and thank you so much for linking up with us. Can’t wait to start following along with you and checking out more about living in California!

    We actually have some chalkboard sticky paper that I have been trying to figure out what to do with. I think we might need to make one of these for our time in Scotland!!

    FABULOUS idea, thanks for sharing!

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