Wine Tasting Fun

Valentine’s Day is {yikes} just days away.  If you are anything like me, there hasn’t been a single plan made.  Why not host an impromptu Valentine’s Day Wine and Chocolate Tasting.

Here are the details.  It might be last minute, but so do-able! 

First, call, text, tweet, facebook, email, or knock on the doors of your friends and let them know that they won’t be alone if they don’t have plans!  The party is at your house.

Next, decide on a theme.  Do you want to taste both red and white?  Throw in something sparkling?  Maybe you have been wanting to try {some} wines from a certain region.  You can choose wines in a certain price range as well.  Get creative!

wine_tasting (373x400)
Wine tasting at Wilson Creek

Plan!  What all do you want to serve?  Chocolate and Wine are a {magical} Valentine’s duo. Not sure what chocolate pairs well with wine?  On my sidebar {look to the right, scroll down…} Hello Vino!  See how it says “Can we help you find a wine?”  {why, yes you can!}  Look….it says right there “Valentine’s Day Wines”.  Yup…they are making it so easy for us Wine{a}bes!  Click on that, then {if chocolate is what you are looking for} click “Chocolates and Wine” and now pick your kind!  For example, I’ll choose “Milk Chocolate” and now it will tell me the wine that pairs best…Tawny Port.  {I love Hello Vino}  It is that easy!

Blinders? or No?  It is your choice, either way is fine.  Sometimes it is fun to conceal the labels on the bottles and add a {little} mystery to the tasting.  Simply slip the wine into plain brown paper bags, tie a bow at the neck, and write a simple identifier on the bag, such as Red, White, Merlot, Cabernet, etc. 

All parties need decoration….keep it simple and fun.  Roll out brown craft paperonto your table.  Use markers, crayons, or chalk to write on the paper…anything.  You can map out where wine bottles go, where the glasses are, make an arrow to the plates, what type of chocolate is where, and definitely, definitely label the ‘spit bucket’ {for discarding wine that is not enjoyed}. 

Another great way to add simple décor is to use corks {if you are like me and keep them} toss them around the table, drop some in glasses.  Use fruit and cheese – a simple platter like this one from The SITS Girls is beautiful and makes a great impression.  Plus, it tastes good too!  A nice break from all the {delicious} chocolate. Also, it helps to have sparkling water and plain water crackers on hand to cleanse the palate before or in between tastings.

Mood lighting is a party essential.  If you love the {warm} flicker of candles…make sure they are unscented.  You don’t want any crazy co-mingling of candle fragrance making your wine taste funky.  If you don’t have unscented candles on hand, try using Christmas lights.  String them around the table, mingle them among wine glasses, use your imagination!  Really, you can’t go wrong. 

Finally…get your chocolate out!  Set it on platters, plates, and pair it with wine.  If you have some extra paper and pencils on hand, set them out for guests to take notes on {their favorite} vino. Turn on some soft music, mingle, and enjoy your impromptu Valentine’s Day Wine and Chocolate Tasting! 

To a fabulous and fun Valentine’s Day…Cheers!

***FYI, I was in no way compensated for mentioning Hello Vino.  I simply LOVE {or am slightly obsessed} with that little widget!  I hope you enjoy it too!***

Update: after chatting with friends about throwing a wine tasting party…the request I had was to include links for some products.  So, I have revised the post with affiliate links to amazon, to help with party planning ease!  Happy shopping and party planning!  Also, you can browse the affiliate banner on the right to purchase wine.  Cheers!



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    Aw man, I wish I had some girl friends around here to do this with. This is such a great idea!! I’m going to check out the list and maybe I can just indulge myself. :)

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