5 {more} Reasons to Drink {more} Wine

Wine_Barrels (300x400)
Things I didn’t know about blogging when I started:

  1. I have a URL…a space in the blogosphere…and a great idea.  That is all I need…right?? {insert chuckle here}
  2. SEO…need I say more?
  3. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest…Oh My! 
  4. Advertisements, Sponsorships, and Affiliate Links.  {How, What, HUH?  I’m sure I’m missing out on something here}
  5. You must have a bloggy friend…or two, or three, or more.        

Thankfully, I found out that bloggers are some of the most supportive people. Ever. Hands down.  And, I’m so glad I stumbled down the road to blogging…even if it meant experiencing a few overwhelming…I’m on the verge of a breakdown pour me another drink…moments.  As for the rest, I’ll hopefully learn it eventually.

Pour your self a glass, check out my new Blog Luv tab up top, and drink more wine! Cheers!



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    This is great! And they make me drink more wine too. I saw you used the #listablelife hashtag on twitter, but you forgot to link up! It’s a great way to get more blog friends to read your post 😉 Check out my page!

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      Nicole, I honestly don’t know what to do to link up! It is a first for me. I tried looking for the previous post that had the instructions {I thought I saw one} but couldn’t find it. I will head over to your page!

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    Girl, I so feel you on this one! Sometimes I’ll find another new blogging *must-have* and just think wtf?? More?! But you’re right – it’s so awesome feeling that instant sense of camaraderie with other bloggers. Thank you so much for including me on your list!!

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    Very great points. I started blogging as an “out.” My husband was traveling 4-5 days a week 50 weeks a year and it was either I blog or I drink a lot of wine. I settled on both. Life is good. There are so many other benefits, as you noted, though. I love it. I love connecting with bloggers, such as yourself, and reading what’s going on in other “normal” people’s lives. So rewarding, refreshing, etc… And more often than not, it’s over a glass/bottle of wine.

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    The world of blogging can be so much fun and rewarding. One thing I didn’t know about blogging was how time consuming it is: from research to writing posts to networking.

    I am not a big wine drinker. I am yet to find a wine that it is not too bitter. I have tried the dessert wine but have found that can be bitter at times as well. I do however would love to tour a winery one day.


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